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Focus on the Positive

Welcome to Zyglavister! A creative archive running since 2016, providing you with icon bases, designs for your websites or AFF/RPR (character) profiles, and transparent renders for graphic enthusiasts! The content varies from video games to anime and celebrities. Unfortunately do I not take requests. If you are searching for other great providers, check out the linkage and you're good to go!

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Back in business (soon)!

Hello, people of the world wide web!

It has been more than two weeks since the last update, and I am here to finally announce that Zyglavister will open up before new year's eve! I'm currently in the process of tweaking the layout, some of the older content and trying to bring up some new content as well.

I plan to update Zyglavister at least once within six months. The main reason for the super slow updates would be because I plan to attend classes next year. I'm not sure yet when exactly, but besides this am I also employed and will definitely need some time for myself after a stressful day at work.

All pages should be back up and fully updated by the end of this week. All content is still being worked on, so those might take up a little bit more time since it definitely is a big number (even though I plan to limit myself with codings, icon bases, and renders.) Pretty sure the renders will take up much more time than the rest.

That's all. If you have any further questions, please refer to any of my social media accounts, the contact form or tagboard. Until then, I hope you will have a blast this year's holidays!

Posted on 19th December 2019 with 0 Comments
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