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Welcome to Zyglavister! A creative archive running since 2016, providing you with icon bases, designs for your websites or AFF/RPR (character) profiles, and transparent renders for graphic enthusiasts! The content varies from video games to anime and celebrities. Unfortunately do I not take requests. If you are searching for other great providers, check out the linkage and you're good to go!

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Latest Update

Hello folks! How have you all been? As you can see, Zyglavister is still not up. I only realised last week that PayPal sort of locked me out from using the balance I transferred the week before. I still have to contact them. To top it off, my past domain host doesn't seem to respond to contact forms, so I have no idea if I still have any pending payments, but I do not hope so. Mainly because it seems my account has been terminated without my knowledge.

Zyglavister should be back up before the year ends. At least, that's what I hope for and so long PayPal cooperates with me. It will mainly contain all past resources and graphics it had before, as well as some additional ones I will be hopefully able to add. Also, all premade layouts will be converted into CSS templates; mainly because I'd like for the users to let their imaginations go wild.

Lastly, yes, I finally have a new laptop. More likely a notebook, but it's better for me this way because of my back. Hah. Feels easier than having to carry a 4-5kg weighing laptop around the city. You can still contact me over the Guestbook, but I can't guarantee any frequent replies at the moment. I will try to get back at everyone at least once a month, though.

Have a nice week ahead and all the best! If I don't make any announcements in the next few weeks, happy holidays in advance then!

P.S.: All of my affiliates/link exchanges can remove me in the meanwhile. I managed to actually lose all booksmarks. Not quite sure how I've actually done that.

Edit: Zyglavister will not be available under Zyglavister.com anymore. It seems that someone registered the domain in the past few months. Some scamming site, I suppose. I will simply continue using this subdomain, because it's a pain to have to move everything around. I hope all of you can understand me and will continue supporting Zyglavister as it is now. I will put everything back up in the next few weeks. I just have to sort all of my folders and create backups of all of my files.

Posted on 3rd December 2019 with 0 Comments
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