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Focus on the Positive

Welcome to Zyglavister! A creative archive running since 2016, providing you with icon bases, designs for your websites or AFF/RPR (character) profiles, and transparent renders for graphic enthusiasts! The content varies from video games to anime and celebrities. Unfortunately do I not take requests. If you are searching for other great providers, check out the linkage and you're good to go!

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Late Announcement

I know this is sort of a late announcement as it has been almost a year or longer since I have last given a word about Zyglavister's current status.

As you may see, everything is gone — for the meanwhile. I do plan to open up the site once more under it's original URL (Zyglavister.com), but I still have to fix some things. The domain expired just a few days ago; the current host didn't do much except for charging me with monthly payments while I had technical issues pending.

Putting all of this aside though, I did mention last year or so that my laptop's screen is broken, and I refuse to work on a broken device where I have to move windows around the screen.

Since I will have enough money by the end of November, beginning of December, I will be finally able to buy a new laptop! (Instead of a PC; even though I wanted one, but we barely have space at home.) Which means, more regular updates than before!

I also decided to stay with the current content with a few changes. That's pretty much it. I still have all of my current/past affiliates/link exchange bookmarked, though you are more than free to remove me in the meanwhile, since I'll have to go through everyone anyway to make sure that the rules match as well.

I hope you guys enjoyed life so far and will have a blast the next few weeks as well. Until then, see you all in December!

P.S.: If you would like to contact me, you can always reach me over the Guestbook. Leave your website URL or Email behind. I'll try to answer as fast as possible. That's a promise.

Posted on 9th September 2019 with 0 Comments
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