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Welcome to Zyglavister! A creative archive running since 2016, providing you with icon bases, designs for your websites or AFF/RPR (character) profiles, and transparent renders for graphic enthusiasts! The content varies from video games to anime and celebrities. Unfortunately do I not take requests. If you are searching for other great providers, check out the linkage and you're good to go!

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It's been a very, VERY long while!

I am not completely back but I'm trying to be. I know I didn't update the site in ages and sort of neglected the addition of new content for more than a year.

I believe I've mentioned it before that I thought of giving up on Zyglavister, however, I still have fun with creating content once in a while. I will try to add all of my missing content today. It may be a bit exhausting having to look out for everything in my jumbled folders but I'll get through it.

Work does not have any sort of effect on me lately, especially with the amount of free time we're getting these days. The only things I'm busy with are basically... playing games, watching anime, etc. Nothing too interesting, really. Which is why I've decided to go for content creation again. However, most of my content still goes to my Tumblr as they're not related to graphics or whatsoever.

I'm sorry for the lack of presence. I will get back at everyone by the end of the week. Thank you for your patience.

Stay safe and wear a mask, Rika ♥

P.S.: It took me probably 20-30 tries to log in. God, I hate having this many passwords and usernames.

Posted on 13th November 2020 with 0 Comments
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