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Behind the domain name

Zyglavister derives from the name of a selectable character from an interactive dating sim game/visual novel titled "Star-Crossed Myth" by Voltage Inc., which has been released in February 2015. The character Zyglavis is the ruler of the constellation of Libra, as well as the minister of the department of punishment. Due to my liking towards him and myself being born under the zodiac, he rules did I come up with the name Zyglavister.

Zglavister over the years

The idea of owning a website has been there since I was a teenager; although I never really knew what type I would like to run. It went from fan fiction reviews to personal blogging, fansite and so much more until I stumbled upon 9Daily's former version, Nine Creativity and Dorkistic.

Officially have I never possessed any talent for graphic design and/or overall manipulation—and I still don't. However, I grew to love web designing and providing basic resources is the very least I could think of doing.

If you are looking for any original works—say, fan fictions, drawings, etc.—you can always find those on my Tumblr. Zyglavister is also listed under Smooth Sailing Listings.

Past Site URLs

*Note: Not all previous names are listed as not all can be remembered.

  • zyglavister.lima-city.de: 09.2018–Present
  • pxmens.altervista.org: 01.2020–04.2020
  • oddeye.nu: 01.2017–05.2018
  • venirose.net: 01.2017–05.2018
  • aesthetic.iceglow.net: 2016–2018
  • zyglavister.com: 09.2016–09.2018
  • veniroxe.blogspot.com: 2017–08.2018
  • zyglavister.info: 11.2015–11.2016
  • himechan.tk: 10.2014–07.2015
  • daemonic.pinkwish.org: 08.2014–10.2014
  • idioticfangirl.blogspot.com: 2013–2014
  • diamon-es.blogspot.com: 2014
  • inspdork.blogspot.com: 2013
  • enlisted-dreams.blogspot.com: 2013
  • infinitely-shining.blogspot.com: 2013
  • bebentoo.blogspot.com: 2013
  • dasiangirl.blogspot.com: 2012
  • sweetcoffeereviews.blogspot.com: 2011

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