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Behind the domain name

Zyglavister comes from the name of a selectable character from the interactive dating sim game Star-Crossed Myth by Voltage Inc. which has been released in February 2015. The character Zyglavis is the ruler of the constellation of Libra as well as the minister of the department of punishment. Due to my love for him and myself being born under the zodiac I came up with the name Zyglavister.

Zglavister over the years

Maybe not the domain itself, but the site itself went through a lot of up and downs. The site started out as an archive hosted on Blogger for requested reviews I made on Asianfanfics in 2011. After a long while of thinking, I gave up writing reviews and thanks to some formerly famous shops on AFF, I made my debut as a resource provider and gave the blog a fresh look under the name Idiotic Fangirl with a layout created by Chazz from Dorkistic while being still in the process of teaching myself how to code.

Not long after, I moved host for the first time and got myself a subdomain from Kaitlyn under the name Daemonic. Two months after the first free domain has been registered, which is none other than Hime-chan. Due to problems coming along with the .tk domain, the site suddenly disappeared from the surface, and with no backup at hand, I had to start from scratch while trying to recover at least some of the content.

Just a few months later the name Zyglavister has been registered as a .info domain; but due to an unresponsive host, the site has been shut down before the domain expired. Meanwhile it has been once more registered as a .com domain. With this domain staying for the longest active, it’s also the one which went through a lot of hosts and changes. Next to it, Odd Eye, Venirose, Wicked Puppet Master and Prism have been created for different purposes; but all sites have been shut down not long after, letting this one stand alone by itself again.

As of October 2018 Zyglavister mainly serves as an archive for all creative works I've done so far. It has once again become a subdomain, with insufficient funds being the very reason.

Past site names

*Note: Not all previous names are listed as not all can be remembered.

  • Zyglavister (zyglavister.lima-city.de) 2018/09–Present
  • Odd Eye (oddeye.nu) 2017/01–2018/05
  • Venirose (venirose.net) 2017/01–2018/05
  • Aesthetic (aesthetic.iceglow.net) 2016–2018
  • Zyglavister.com (zyglavister.com) 2016/09–2018/09
  • Veniroxe (veniroxe.blogspot.com) 2017–2018/09
  • Zyglavister.info (zyglavister.info) 2015/11–2016/11
  • Hime-chan (himechan.tk) 2014/10–2015/07
  • Daemonic (daemonic.pinkwish.org) 2014/08–2014/10
  • Idiotic Fangirl (idioticfangirl.blogspot.com) 2013–2014
  • Diamon-es (diamon-es.blogspot.com) 2014
  • Inspirational Dork (inspdork.blogspot.com) 2013
  • Enlisted Dreams (enlisted-dreams.blogspot.com) 2013
  • Infinitely Shining (infinitely-shining.blogspot.com) 2013
  • Bebentoo Reviews (bebentoo.blogspot.com) 2013
  • D'Asian Girl (dasiangirl.blogspot.com) 2012
  • Sweetest Coffee Reviews (sweetcoffeereviews.blogspot.com) 2011

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