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Name: Your turn to guess it! (;
Online name: Rika Hoshida
Gaming name: Haruka Shoudai
Birthday: 17th October
Location: Austria
Email: pxmens[AT]pm.me

Social Media: Tumblr, Twitter
Creative Corners: AO3, Asianfanfics, DeviantArt, Inkitt, Ko-fi, Tumblr, Wattpad
Listings/Databases: Goodreads, MyAnimeList, MyDramaList, SIMKL

MBTI: INFP-T (Mediator)
Alignment: True Neutral
House: Ravenclaw-Hufflepuff

Introducing you to the quietest, yet quirkiest and questionable being in my family. Don’t let yourself be fooled by my calm and almost 24/7 seemingly happy exterior. I am, in fact, a closeted pervert who doesn’t know how to approach a person I like.

My hobbies and interests include writing and reading stories; watching cheesy Christmas based romantic comedies, listening to someone’s troubles and trying hard to not meddle into their business or using those as references for my WIP, and playing visual novels because my love life never has been as dry before. I also like travelling, visiting cafes, and going out for walks from time to time. Also, I am partially a freak when it comes to tidiness and organisation.

I prefer indie and instrumental music due to their calming effect. I look up all types of methods on how to get myself motivated again for various things but end up never doing those.