That One Inactive Website Owner :: 3rd July 2020 :: posted by Rika

You may have already guessed from the title to who I'm refering to. I am very sorry for the inactivity over the past few months. After I got back from my vacation in Rome, the lockdown took over. I had no prior plans to update Zyglavister since I needed some time for myself and to think about a few stuff.

Well, the good news is, I'm back! Somehow. I will try to find some time to add some new content over the course of this month. The only things I'm currently occupied with are Sims 4, work and my current WIPs anyway.

If you want to follow any of my current life updates, just follow me on Twitter (@pxmensu). There is no guarantee that I will follow back unless we actually talk to one another in some way or the whole account itself sort of contains stuff I'm interested in. Do feel free to mute my profile because I tend to rant a lot about my personal life, work, fandom stuff, etc. Yes, I am one dramatic woman.

Have a nice weekend, Rika ♥

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