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Hiding Behind My Pillow Forth posted by Rika on 10th September 2021
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Hiding Behind My Pillow Forth

Hello, world!

At this point am I not even sure if I'm supposed to say sorry? It has been...almost a year since my last post with no updates. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before but there has been this lingering thought of shutting down Zyglavister because I simply lost my interest maintaining this site. Then I came to the conclusion that I could keep it but updates will be very scarce and done whenever I feel like it.

Anyway. after spending a lot of time thinking about it, I decided to keep Zyglavister. I still play a few games, watch anime from time to time and listen to K-Pop. Nothing new will be added except to a link to my network as soon as it's up and running. Since I'm employed, I will have even less motivation to update anything at all. Still, I will inform everyone once I have all the broken links fixed and have affiliates and link exchanges up and running.

The patience this community holds is still one of my favourite assets and I appreciate it. Just don't go around snooping up things about my private life. Ahaha. Give me a bit of time and all the old content should be back ASAP. Once done, a bit of new stuff should be up as well and a hella lot of way older stuff I still have left.

Thank you and stay safe, everyone. — Rika ♥

Posted on 10th September 2021 with 0 Comments
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